Exposing systems to the internet increases the risk that security weaknesses in those systems will be leveraged to compromise the system or the underlying data. It is therefore necessary to examine the actual business risks this brings, understand the basic difficulties in implementing “secure systems”, and adequately test internet applications for security, as well as functionality and load performance, before they are exposed to the net.

ISCS understands that real-world software security threats demand real-world security testing. ISCS’ security testing Services address the numerous mission-critical information security challenges faced by our customers throughout the INDIA.

Despite use of secure infrastructure and defenses such as firewalls and intrusion detection or prevention systems, hackers can access proprietary information and customer data, shutdown websites and servers, and defraud businesses without being stopped or, in many cases, even detected.
Web applications allow users to access resources from any part of the globe. Due to the ease of accessibility, web applications have become common targets for hackers. Vulnerabilities may be inherent within an application due to flawed design, insecure coding practices or configuration errors. These vulnerabilities, if not identified and fixed, could result in a loss of data, reputation, and ultimately money. To effectively address these security vulnerabilities, ISCS offers testing services, which includes comprehensive tests to discover vulnerabilities as well as to evaluate the overall security risk of the website and related applications?

ISCS favors a mostly manual approach to security testing where other vendors rely almost exclusively on automated tools that cannot go as deep into an application or exercise an application as an experienced security engineer can.
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