Knowing how vulnerable you are is the first step in creating and managing a robust security policy. Content Security can help you identify vulnerabilities and how to manage them. ISCS gathers information on the target is in several ways using its proprietary methodology. All publicly accessible information is collected and documented. Once sufficient information is collected about the client, the information is verified to ensure that the assessment is performed against the correct targets. The selected hosts are then scanned to reveal the exposed services.

The exposed services are compared against business requirements. Services which are not provided to meet a defined business need are documented. If there is a more secure method of providing the same business function at lower risk, this is also documented at this stage. The exposed services are then interrogated for useful information.
This information is used to increase the probability of discovering a vulnerability which may be exploited. Any disclosure of sensitive information will be highlighted at this point. The client is then presented with a report showing:

  • The difficulty and likelihood of the vulnerability being exploited;
  • The reason why an attacker may desire to exploit the vulnerability; and
  • The impact on the business should the vulnerability be exploited

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