Because the success of your business depends upon the safety of your information, ISCS stays on top of the latest IT security strategies. Our experienced consultants can perform a comprehensive assessment of your system and help you put programs in place to decrease the vulnerability of your operations.

First, ISCS will evaluate your security plan to find areas where it needs strengthening. To identify potential dangers, we investigate everything from the architecture of your networks, servers and applications to the habits of your desktop users. We can also perform penetration tests to determine whether your system is susceptible to unauthorized infiltrations.

After conducting a thorough evaluation, we’ll develop a customized set of policies and procedures to shore up your system’s defenses, in the process helping to make sure your practices comply with industry and government regulations, such as the ISO 27001 standard.

As IT threats increase in number and in sophistication, it is vital to have a solid, maintainable program in place to secure your system against possible breaches. ISCS keeps you apprised of the latest safety strategies so you can make informed decisions and guard your assets.