Founded in 2011, ISCS is a company that specializes exclusively in IT security. In an increasingly hostile world, securing information technology assets has grown in importance for running a successful business.

The products that ISCS provides are considered “Best of Breed”. This status is determined not only by leading industry bodies, but also by an in-depth evaluation that ensures we are providing a very highly valued product. This in turn ensures that the highest quality standards are met, and appropriate returns on investments are attained.

However, products alone do not secure information technology assets. That’s why service comes first at ISCS. Our professional standards and moral ethics will never be compromised. It’s with this level of service that ISCS has developed a long and mutually profitable business relationship with all our clients over our established years.

In addition to providing leading edge security technology via top tier Security Vendors we also provide additional value to our clients through specialised services that help minimize business risk. These services cover:

  • Security Policy Design / Review
  • Penetration Testing & Security Auditing
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Network Architecture & configuration auditing
  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • Physical Security review

Over the year, we have developed an impressive list of clients who trust us to provide them with security products and services.