The phone rings, and the networking guys tell you that sensitive data is being stolen from your network. you have no idea what to do. Clearly, your IDS signature failed, because more machines are infected and your antivirus software isn’t providing enough protection to isolate the threat. Now upper management demands an explanation of what happened, and all you can tell them about the malware is that it was TROJ.snapAK. You don’t have the answers to the most important questions.

How do you determine exactly what TROJ.snapAK does so you can eliminate the threat? How do you write a more effective network signature? How can you find out if any other machines are infected with this malware?

How can you make sure you’ve deleted the entire malware package and not just one part of it? How can you answer management’s questions about what the malicious program does?

ISCS Incident response and malware analysis will assist you gauge the influence of cyber breaches. An investigation is necessary, and a containment and recovery technique needs to be carried out by experts.

Any corporation that is uncovered to an incident faces a dent to their brand popularity and additionally any felony liability.