With their inception in 1996, IP security cameras have now become the standard in the security industry. ISCS provides a wide range of fixed and dynamic IP camera surveillance solutions.
The biggest advantage to IP cameras is the ease with which you can deploy them at your facilities, making it a seamless transition from traditional CCTV technology.

The advances in IP cameras have now surpassed traditional analog cameras and with IP cameras being installed in many public places, it has become easier to solve more crimes. By being able to show a level of detail impossible with analog cameras, losses are being prevented and mitigated, generating sizeable business value to organisations.

With the advent of digital video recorders (DVRs) much more convenience is now available in terms of flexibility, remote access, storage, scalability, integration and analytics. You can now do much more with the security footage that these cameras capture, and thus are able to provide a sound return on investment and value for your organisation.

From its wide experience of providing solutions, ISCS has found that organisations with both large and small facilities can benefit from IP camera systems. For smaller organisations, the footprint and requirement of IP cameras is a small investment that has huge return due to the capabilities of IP cameras. Larger organisations can enjoy huge cost-savings because of the scalable and modular structure of IP camera systems. That means that as you expand your surveillance scope, each camera becomes subsequently cheaper.

ISCS’s surveillance experts can assist you in designing a surveillance system that effectively monitors all parts of your premises and provides video feeds that allow for maximised monitoring. Our team inspects your premises and facilities, identifies blind spots and sensitive areas and then works with you in charting a surveillance that is custom-tailored to your needs. Our team comprises professionals with backgrounds in security and media technology.

Contact us today to know more about our IP camera surveillance solutions and how we can help you secure your facilities.