Information Technology is completely entrenched in business. Everything from instant messaging, through to access to client records is now accessed through incredibly powerful and quick machines. With the increased power came the requirement for increased security and with increased security came increased complexity.

For many organizations, this sprawl of security has gone out of control. Service desk is flooded with password reset requests and access requests which can take days to process – costing the organization thousands in lost productivity. Security is compromised as access to excessive systems is granted – or never revoked as employees move upwards or sideways through organizations.

While not a new technology, identity management systems have advanced a long way, and are now manageable and affordable to medium sized enterprise.

For those who are not aware of identity management systems, the aim of identity management is to centralize and manage a user’s access based off profiles. Every system to be secured is integrated into a single authentication database. Not only does this provide single sign-on capabilities, but allows the organization to set up user roles that can consistently applied.

For example, a number of roles such as could be created and an employee is assigned to that role. When that employee is promoted or moved teams, rather than granting them access to new resources, the old role is removed, and the employee is moved assigned a new role. Of course when that employee moves on, only a single account is locked, rather than multiple accounts over many systems. The former employee’s role can then be assigned to a new incoming employee with a minimum of fuss.
If you’re struggling with too many systems with independent authentication systems or if your organization has a high level of staff turn over with static job roles, a properly designed and installed identity management may be able to reduce your organizations support desk load, saving you money, or freeing up resources to improve your IT infrastructure.

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