One of the most common means of communication in this century is the ubiquitous e-mail message.

As a consequence today’s business needs easy to use e-mail protection that doesn’t take hours per week to manage in order to ensure confidentiality, protect branding, and comply with laws that require e-mail messages to be digitally signed and encrypted.

Wouldn’t you like a flexible architecture that gives you the levels of protection you need now, but enables you to add more modules as your security needs change and grow?

ISCS can supply you with e-mail protection applications that will give you all these, and more. Their strategy ensures that all users comply with your enterprise privacy and security policies without the need to install client software on desktops.
Install an intelligent, automated email encryption and policy-based routing solution that:

  • Automates and confirms delivery of sensitive information for compliance and auditing;
  • Enforces enterprise messaging security policies for all internal and external users;
  • Ensures confidentiality and authentication for any user, regardless of the messaging infrastructure;
  • Has true message recall;
  • Requires no additional IT staff to manage users, and
  • What’s more, will leverage your existing investments in PKI and identity management solutions