ISCS was founded by industry professional Mr Balakrishna Kulkarni with a vision of delivering effective managed security services and solutions to organizations of all sizes. ISCS has since gone on to provide its business oriented security offerings to a list of steady growing clientele. ISCS provides professional security services using established information security standards to both private and public sectors.

ISCS is a provider of managed information security solutions dedicated to the delivery of security and risk management solutions of exceptional quality, design, and value.

ISCS provides security solutions to customers in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, banking, environmental response, consumer products and technology offering a three-tiered solution that combines managing, monitoring and maintaining network security. With a serious commitment to the individual customer relationship, we specialize in configuring and monitoring each system to meet the specific security needs of each customer.

ISCS strives to foster long-term relationships in partnership with client organizations in order to effectively develop unique security solutions based on specific business and operational requirements. We assist or advise our clients on continuous identification, correction, maintenance and management of mission-critical security systems and data protection. Through this process our clients consistently benefit from our expert knowledge and skills.

We continuously remain abreast of developments in the IT industry evaluating new products for suitability in our clients businesses and recommending upgrades to our software suppliers. We also focus on improving our value-added services to clients either by expanding existing services or introducing new ones, in response to market needs and client requirements. Our staff skills range from programming to in-depth knowledge of large corporate networks, fire-walling and security on all operating system platforms. A pro-active skills-development program ensures that staff receives extensive training so that their knowledge and technical expertise remains current